Sunday, November 3, 2013

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Kathy Cassidy Summary

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The students in Kathy Cassidy's class are engaged in learning and it's due to the use of technology. Kathy uses a wide variety of technology from blogging to video gaming devices in the classroom. It's surprising because Kathy admits that she hasn't always been a technologically savvy person. In fact, Kathy just recently got a Facebook account. However, Kathy understands the importance of technology in the present world and states that technology isn't going away any time soon so we might as well use it. She is always learning new things and is open to applying these things in her classroom.

Ms. Cassidy teaches first grade and other elementary grade levels in Moose Port, Canada. At her school it seems like Kathy is a trail blazer in utilizing technology in the classroom. Since she's been at her current school she's had multiple principals, but none of them have hindered her from using technological tools in the classroom. Ms. Cassidy is proof that no one's going to hinder you from using technology in your classroom. She's had principals who weren't technologically savvy at all and they still gave her the freedom to teach her class the way she wants. This is encouraging to me, because I've feared facing opposition for using technology in my future classroom. One of her fellow teachers is intrigued, and has started to use technology in their classroom as well.

I would love to use all of Ms. Cassidy's techniques in my classroom, but the one that stuck out the most was the use of video game devices. Ms. Cassidy's class used the Nintendo DS to help learn reading, problem solving, and sharing. Since I started taking EDM 310 one tool that I've been wanting to apply in my classroom is video gaming. I believe that video games are fun and are an easy way to get students engaged. One concern of using video games would be making sure the students are playing age appropriate games, but as the teacher it will be my job to make sure they are. There are minor concerns with every technological tool, but the good far out ways the bad in most instances.

Another technique that I will make sure to use in my future class will be blogging. Ms. Cassidy makes a great point, students want to have an audience and blogging gives them that. Cheating could be a problem as the student pointed out in the final video, but Ms. Cassidy states that it's our job as the teacher to ask creative questions to prevent this. Kathy is clear to point out that there's nothing wrong with collaborating though. Collaborating is a part of life. We all learn from one another and that shouldn't be seen as a problem.

Overall, the interview was great. Ms. Kathy Cassidy is doing some great things with her students. I have come away acknowledging that I don't have an excuse to not use technology in my future classroom. Kathy is proof that if you don't make excuses you can learn new things and help students in all areas of life.

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  1. "This is encouraging to me, because I've feared facing opposition for using technology in my future classroom." Opposition from whom?

    Cheating is not limited to blogs! It is probably easier to spot in blogs than elsewhere.