Sunday, November 24, 2013

C4K Summary for November

1st C4K

Candy Corn

In my first C4K of November I was assigned to a student named Alexander. Alexander is a student in Mrs. Horst 7th grade language arts class in Ontario, Canada. This blog post was about candy. Alexander likes all kinds of candy, but candy corn is his/her favorite. Alexander asked the readers what their favorite candy is, and what they were being for halloween.

In my comment I began by introducing myself. I also provided links to the EDM 310 blog and my blog. I explained that I love candy too, and my favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids gummies. I explained that I was the candy giver at my parent's house so I didn't dress up for Halloween, but I did dress up as Captain America at a halloween party I went to. Alexander did a good job with their blog post so I told him/her to keep up the good work.

2nd C4K

Martin Luther King Jr.

In my second C4K I was assigned to a student named Alexandria. Alexandria is a year 8 student in Auckland, New Zealand. Alexandria's blog post was a reflection of a project she had done with two other classmates. She included the project in the post. It was a rap they had made about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the reflection she explained how they had learned a lot about Martin Luther King Jr in doing the project.

In my comment I introduced myself and provided the links like I usually do. I let Alexandria know that I enjoyed the rap her group made about Martin Luther King Jr. I explained that I am from Alabama so I'm very familiar with Martin Luther King Jr. and the sacrifice he made for equal rights. I am also a fan of hip-hop music and explained to Alexandria that my favorite artist is LeCrae. I explained that LeCrae actually lives in Atlanta, Georgia where Martin Luther King Jr. was from. Also, LeCrae discusses Martin Luther King Jr. in a lot of his music.

3rd C4K

Toy Giraffe

In my 3rd and final C4K I was assigned to Losehina's blog. In this blog Losehina was simply posting a "I can animate" video. The video was of a toy giraffe. In the video Losehina made it look like the giraffe was actually walking.

In my comment I introduced myself and let Losehina know that I was impressed with her video. I also told her that I have never used vimeo to make a movie before, but I will have to check it out. I was impressed with her movie skills and I concluded my post by telling her to keep up the great work.

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