Monday, November 4, 2013

C4K Summary for October

1st C4K

In my first C4K assignment of October I was assigned to Garrett's blog. Garrett is a student in Mr. Rhodus' sixth grade class. The title of his blog was How Much does the Sky Weigh? Garrett explained that the sky weighs 1 million billion pounds. He explained that air pressure doesn't crush us or push us down because the air moves evenly.

In my comment I introduced myself and provided a link to my blog, and the class blog as well. I explained to Garrett that he taught me something I didn't know. Garrett did a great job with his blog overall and I was glad to have the opportunity to comment on it.

2nd C4K

The second C4K I was assigned to in October was Mara Pickle's. In her blog post she revealed that she was excited about the current book she's reading in her class. She stated that she didn't want to stop reading. A fellow student even commented on it and they both shared the same excitement.

It was clear to see that Mara enjoyed blogging and reading. I introduced myself and explained that I love reading a good book as well. I told Mara to keep up the good work.

3rd C4K

In the 3rd C4K of October I commented on Vincenzo's blog post. He is a student in Mrs. Hartooni's class. In this blog post he was simply sharing a few interesting things that most people do not know. The first thing he shared was that fish have more water in them than humans do. The second thing that Vincenzo shared was that scientists are actually saying that it's healthier to not make up your bed.

In my comment to Vincenzo I introduced myself and included a link to my blog and our class blog. I explained to him that I did not know those things. I let him know that I was going to use what he shared as an excuse to not make up bed. Also, I let him know that he did a good job with his post and that he needs to keep up the good work.

4th C4K

In my fourth and final C4K of October I commented on a student's blog post who simply went by the handle of A. A's blog post was about their hero. A's hero was their mom. The student even compared their mother to a superhero.

In my comment I introduced myself and explained that I'm currently going to school to become a teacher. I told A that my mother was one of my hero's too. I told A to keep up the good work and to let his/her mother know that they are loved.

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  1. Hi Paul,
    The C4K's that you had sounded very interesting and that you have learned a lot of information from them. Some of which I did not know myself. I will have to agree with you about using your C4K #3's statement about not making your bed, because it is healthier that way. I wish I could of used that when I was younger with my parents, even though it would not work. I would still have to make my bed.