Sunday, October 27, 2013

Project #14 PBL Plan #2

Degas Group Project #14

Cartoon animated Congressional Bill
This lesson plan lasts for a week and is geared for high school students.  The driving questions for this project are How does Congress Work? What cause Filibusters? What do Congressional Bodies say about a Representative Republic? We will split the classroom into two groups, "House" and "Senate".  Legislative issues will then be given for the groups to debate and discuss.  Each group will elect a representative (Speaker of the House-House, Vice President-Senate) to present their position the group has reached. If the stances are mutual, the bill is passed, if not they start over.  Students will use iPads and laptops for research, and they may make a presentation that the leader will present.  

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  1. Hey Wesley,

    I think your groups PBL project would be a very good project for a history class. I personally think that students are never taught enough about our government and when they are taught about it, it is at an early grade level and they forget about most of the information before they are old enough to use the information. Most youth this day in age do not know a lot when in it comes to your project material. I like this idea and I think it could be used in many different grades. Great Job, just be sure to check for grammatical errors before posting your blog post. I only saw one error, in the sentence "What cause filibusters?" it should be causes. That was all. Good Job and Good Luck!