Sunday, November 24, 2013

PLN Project #2: Final Report

My Symbaloo

I am pleased with the way my Personal Learning Network has grown over the course of this semester. I'm still enjoying Symbaloo. I've added a few new tiles to my Symbaloo home page. Mainly it's been blogs that I've enjoyed from my C4T assignments. Also, Twitter is still my favorite tool for networking with fellow teachers. I've followed some teachers who are always sharing interesting links. I've also followed a few of my peers that are majoring in Education. I've recently come into contact with one of my old history teachers from high school and he does not have a twitter account, but he does have a Facebook account, so I continue to use Facebook some as a part of my network. I want to continue to expand my PLN, and I know that I will. It's a pleasure connecting with fellow educators and discussing ideas. Networking is helpful in any profession, but in Education it is mandatory.

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