Sunday, October 6, 2013

C4K summary for September

C4K Summary

1st C4K

In my first C4K I was assigned to a female student who went by the username of Buck. The title of Buck's blog post was "This I Believe". Buck's blog post was about tattoos. She believes that tattoos are a great way you can express yourself through art. She also went into detail about a few of her tattoos and how important they are to her. Her first tattoo was in memory of her dad who passed away in 2010. Her dad was someone who she was extremely close to and she wanted to have something that reminded her of all the great memories she shared with him. Her second tattoo was one of the nickname her brother had given her. Her second tattoo was significant to her because her brother has been incarcerated for the past four years and she wanted him to know that she's always thinking of him.

In my comment I introduced myself and included a link to my blog, and the EDM 310 class blog. I explained to Buck that I also have tattoos, and that I think tattoos are a great way to express yourself. I wanted to stress the fact that tattoos are permanent, so I made sure to explain that I believe it's important to think long and hard before you get something permanent like a tattoo. However, so far Buck seems to have two tattoos that will always be significant to her. Buck had a few grammatical errors, but overall she did a great job of sharing her passion for tattoos.

2nd C4K

In my second C4K I was assigned to blogger by the name of Ebony. Ebony's post was very short and was actually in response to a fellow classmate by the name of Maggie. Maggie had made a post about cyber bullying and Ebony stressed that she was saddened that one of her friends had been cyber bullied on FaceBook. Ebony explained that she believes many people think they're "cool" when they bully others, but she stated that in reality they're not cool at all.

In my response to Ebony's blog post I introduced myself and provided a link to my blog, as well as a link to the class blog. I wanted to make sure Ebony knew that she was noble and correct in her stance against bullying. I stressed the importance of being friends with anyone who is a victim of bullying. Also, I told her that if she ever witnesses someone being bullied in school that she reports it to her teacher. If she witnessed bullying outside of school I encouraged her to tell a parent.

Ebony did a great job with her blog post and I concluded my comment by letting her know that.

3rd C4K

In my final C4K for the month of September I was assigned to a 5th year student who went by the name of Dartanian. Dartanian is from Auckland, New Zealand. Dartanian's blog post was simply uploading a picture of the math crossword puzzle they did in class. Dartanian and a fellow classmate by the name of Toma worked together to do the math crossword puzzle.

Dartanian's blog post was impressive to me, because his blog set up was creative and bright. Also, I was impressed with the way Dartanian scanned his crossword puzzle to the blog. I made sure to tell Dartanian to keep up the good work and I let him/her know that the layout was very creative.


Overall, I enjoyed my C4K's for the month of September. It's humbling, yet encouraging, to see younger students be successful in blogging. I hope my comments made a positive impact on the students I was assigned to.

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  1. Wesley,
    I really enjoyed reading your C4K for the month of September. You write very well. I enjoyed reading your summaries of the kids blogs. You seem genuinely interested in what the kids have to say and that is very refreshing. There is not anything I would change about your post, you did a great job!
    Caitlin Hinton