Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project #2 PLN 1st Progress Report

I've learned a lot about my Personal Learning Network through this project. As a teacher I'm going to constantly be learning new things from my peers. Also, as a history teacher I will constantly learn new things from historians. I like the idea of playing the role of a detective and asking questions. I hope to constantly take advantage of networking with fellow educators. Having the technological advancements we have today allows me to collaborate and network with educators from all over the world. I will never know everything, but social media will provide me with a way to connect and learn from people who are far smarter than me. It's a relief to know that I will have a network that I can rely on for support.

I chose to use Symbaloo over Netvibes due to liking the Symbaloo layout better than the Netvibes layout. Currently I only have 9 of the 60 tiles occupied. I have Twitter and Facebook tiles, but Twitter is currently my favorite social media. I'm already following Dr. Strange and other EDM 310 staff, but I've also been able to follow a few historical accounts on Twitter that always provide interesting links relating to history. Facebook is also important to me due to being friends with some past teachers that left great impressions on me. Following and/or becoming friends with these teachers on social media has allowed me access to the multiple great links they're always sharing. The EDM 310 class blog also made a tile on my page, because there are just so many resources and links provided through the class blog site. I also made a tile for Dr. Ken Halla's blog site. He was the first teacher I was assigned to in C4T's and he's always sharing great things on his blog. Overall, I am extremely pleased with my progress in developing a PLN. At the top I have included a picture of my tile's.

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