Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing

Peer Editing

Peer editing is extremely important in any profession. The role it can play in the classroom can only be limited by us as teachers. When peer editing it's important to remember not to be a Mean Margaret or Picky Patty as this video shows. However, it's important to be honest. If you see a mistake in a peer's blog you're not doing that person a favor if you don't mention it. The What is Peer Editing video and the Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial provide you with great advice on peer editing.

I believe I do a good job of being honest when I peer edit. I want to continue to strive to be fair. When I become a teacher I plan to utilize peer editing in my class. I think it's important for everyone to be familiar with peer editing. This semester I have in improved in my peer editing tremendously.

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