Sunday, September 15, 2013

C4T #1

Flipped Classroom

The teacher I was assigned to is Ken Halla. First Comment: In the first blog I read Ken blogged about flipping a classroom and explained what a flipped classroom meant. Apparently he and two other teachers have embraced and taught others about "flipping". He shared a video in which a teacher named Frank Franz discussed what it means to flip a classroom. Flipping is basically doing the opposite of what a lot of classrooms do. Instead of doing homework at home and lectures in the classroom you flip it. This gives the teacher more one on one time with the students in the classroom. The students have access to the lectures online at all times. The grading is a bit different as well, it utilizes standards based grading to assure that the student is ready for the next grade level.

In my comment I introduced myself and told Ken Halla how interesting the concept of a "flipped classroom" was to me. I told him that a flipped classroom would be something I would consider implementing in my classroom when I become a teacher. Also, I told him how much I like the Standards Based Grading. Using formative assessments as practice for the summative assessments was my favorite part, because it makes sure the students learn on their own.

Google Maps

Second Comment: In the second post I commented on Ken's blog titled Putting the US in Perspective. This blog contained a link to one of Ken Halla's former colleagues named Matt Mough. The link revealed how inaccurate the size of countries are proportioned on most maps. The link compared the accurate size of other various countries compared to the accurate size of the US.

In my comment on this post I explained to Ken that I was a victim of the misrepresentation of our country. I also noted that I did not realize how large the continent of Africa really was. The video in the link explained that map makers do this because size equates to power for most. I explained that I do often equate the size of a country or continent to power. I also let Ken Halla know that it is always a pleasure to read his blogs.

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